Friday, July 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday~ Present

Five Minute Friday

 It's that time again! So sorry that these are the only posts you're getting out of me right now, but hey- it's something at least- right? So here we go- today's prompt: present.

Present- as in right now? Or like a gift? If we're being super honest here, I haven't been treating many of my "right nows" as a gift lately. I used to, in fact I typically do that a lot. I am definitely a connoisseur of moments.

So what's my deal lately? There are probably a number of things I could attribute it to but I can say for certain that there is one seriously obvious culprit.  Without all the boring details, let's just suffice it to say that an answer to a long prayed prayer was placed in my grasp but just as it began to become real to me, it was gone again, like a wisp of smoke.

I had actually gotten to a really good place as far as my thinking on that certain subject- I was cherishing the "here and nows" as I eagerly awaited change. I didn't want to be greedy with my prayers, just hopeful- but let me tell you, when what appeared to be the answer to that prayer was laid before me, OH the joy! And OH the heart ache when reality reared its ugly head and I was right back- not to where I started, but before- before I learned to be content with the waiting. Because a burden that has been set down for a moment is SO much heavier upon lifting it up again. 

I asked God, "How do  I get my joy back?" "How do I let go again when I've already felt the tremendous joy of moving forward?" His answer?

"Praise me NOW."

What's that God?

"Praise me NOW."

Oh. OH... It was easy to praise when I was trusting Him, it was easy to praise when I believed He'd answer. But now, when it's not clear at all how things will play out, when once again I'm waiting without the smallest hint of where this path of His goes, Now I must praise Him. Because he is not only the God of the future who has good plans for me, He is the God of NOW who holds me in His hands and walks each step with me.

HE is my present.
Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken.
Ps 55:22

Friday, July 5, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Beautiful

Five Minute Friday

 Five Minute Friday time! Drop everything and just write for 5 minutes then stop, and share what you've got! Today's prompt- Beautiful

Beautiful- when friends gather and babies laugh and marshmallows ooze between chocolate and grahams.

Sparklers spray and watermelon drips and even the ants join in.

The sky bursts with color and noise and smokes wraps like a gentle cloak as the whole neighborhood celebrates as one.

 Far off soldiers keep the watch and send prayers home. They sweat and watch and "soldier on" so our babies can tuck in safe and cool while we watch the fire die and reminisce with friends.

 This freedom that we know so well we forget it's there, it is beautiful.