Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Here

Five Minute Friday
 One of my very favorite bloggers Lisa-Jo Baker   has this thing on her blog called Five Minute Friday, it's basically a link-up of lots of different bloggers who write for five minutes, and five minutes only on the prompt she gives for that day. The idea is to not over think, worry about grammar and stuff and making it perfect, but to just write. I tried two times before and it just didn't go- so here's my first official Five Minute Friday post; hopefully I'll learn to get a little more in there with time, but it is what it is and I finally did it!. Today's prompt was HERE.

  In a couple of years when... As soon as this happens we'll... When this is over... I spent my whole childhood dreaming of "when." I have a pretty good imagination, I can go for hours on a good day dream. Oh the things I've planned in my head. I never grew out of that. The dreams have changed a little, but I still find myself, quite often actually, dreaming about "someday." Someday my hubby, who works so hard at 2 1/2 jobs will have a real teaching contract and his own classroom and tangible evidence of all the work he's done to get there. Someday we'll live in a house of our own, with real roots here. We won't be living in someone else's space, we'll be carving out our own. Today though, TODAY I am thankful that even though my husband hasn't gotten to keep a contract, he not only has one, but 2 1/2 jobs to provide for us- jobs he enjoys at that :) Today I'll be thankful for this house, that could be much smaller, much more crowded than it is, and that even though it's not "ours" we've had liberty to make it look like it belongs to us. Today, instead of wishing for tomorrow, I'll be thankful to be HERE, right NOW. Because one day, not so very long ago, here and now was only "someday."

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