Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday- Brave

Five Minute Friday Five Minute Friday again! This one is raw, and I'll tell you, the prompt is BRAVE, and that is what it took to hit post on this one. Only because I know I'm not alone, and maybe some others need to know that we're not choosing brave alone.

Some days I feel like a super hero because I manage to get my house (mostly) clean, and do something fun with my kids and make it to the evening with everyone tucked in with smiles and satisfied sighs over a day that went simply "well." Those are the days I long for. The days I wake up in the morning hoping for. Too often those days are replaced by hurry and loud and fear and yes, all too often, mad. More and more lately, as the tightness of the details of motherhood wrap around me, I forget to cherish and instead get lost in strive. I push and pull and scream and plead and yell, doing my best (or worst) to force those around me into my mold. Because I care? Because I simply want the best for them? Because I want to make sure they get life in the best way they can? Those are my excuses, but they are not my reasons. They are the lies I tell myself to make up for what I'm really fearing deep down. That I'll fail. That life won't be the beautiful, rosy story I picture in my head. I push so hard for perfect that I miss the lovely that is all around me. I cry for the lie that has stolen the truth of blessing that showers over my life. So today, instead of fear that steals kills and destroys, I'll take my Daddy's hand and choose brave.

Because when I fail He is strong.

When I fall He lifts up.

When I cry He captures the tears.

When I doubt, He has a perfect plan.

When I fear, HE is brave.

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