Saturday, May 25, 2013

Five Minute Friday: View

Five Minute Friday
Five Minute Friday Time! Today's prompt is: VIEW

Sometimes I miss it. I'm right smack in the middle and all I see is mess and noise and the ticking clock and the list of "to dos' that goes on and on...  My baby yells "mama look!" but it's the hundredth time that day and I fail to see before the moment has passed. Life rushes on.

Then I catch it in a strangers smile. They've peaked into our traveling circus as we pass by and it moves them to smile.


What are they smiling at? Them- my sweet babies, caught in a moment of normal, but so wrapped up in cute that it causes a stranger to pause, then carry away some joy.

LOOK Mama.

Dear Father help me not to miss it. Help me to see through their eyes. Thank you for the beautiful mess that fills and colors my view of the entire world. Thank you for the beautiful view of everyday life you place before me each morning. Thank You

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